jQuery Countdown Timer

Reverse Countdown jQuery Plugin.

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All Time Support

CountdownTimer is a reverse count down jQuery plugin for displaying countdown as per need with its different configuration options. It is a perfect match for any coupon, auction site or product launch page. It also displays current time and comes with timezone and many regional languages support.

Read our Documentation and follow our Examples to see what suits your particular needs.


  • Supports jQuery v1.5+
  • Supports 27 options
  • Supports 5 methods
  • Supports more than 50 regional languages
  • Supports different timezones
  • Supports different sizes
  • Supports Pause / Resume Timer
  • Supports Start / Stop Timer
  • Supports time expire callback
  • Supports custom styling
  • Cross-browser support

Getting Started

Install through NPM

npm install countdowntimer

Or Download the Plugin files

Download jQuery CountdownTimer

Include the css and js files. Add a div and span element.

<div id="countdowntimer"><span id="future_date"></span></div>

Initialize the countdowntimer method with the required options on the span element id.

<script type="text/javascript">
	$(function() {
			dateAndTime : "2022/01/01 00:00:00",
			size : "lg"

Easy to install and use

Get started by installing through NPM or download source files from GitHub project. Include the plugin js and css files and call countdowntimer on an element. Easily configure and use as required. Refer docs for more understanding.

Modular Styling and Formatting

Display the time periods as required. Control the size, color, separator or use timer with labels. Configure to use regional language. Set target region timezone.

Get involved

This is an open source project. You can participate by reporting bugs, submitting enchancements, helping others.

Donate Via Paypal

You can donate through Paypal if you've used the plugin, or plan to use. Consider a donation - any amount will help.